GenesisCare Oxford

Project Management and Cost Control for GenesisCare’s Oxford centre.









We have an established relationship with the GenesisCare Oxford team, having worked with them since 2014. Initially we refurbished the existing Beaumont House to provide radiotherapy and chemotherapy facilities. Subsequently we have project managed the extension of Beaumont House to provide the UK’s first MRI Linac facility and in addition, further additional refurbishments to the adjacent Orion House. This included creation of an exercise clinic and a specialist imaging facility.  In 2021 we returned to site to manage the installation of a mammography suite and upgrade the original chemotherapy suite.

Patient feedback reported an overwhelming preference for vibrant and vivid colours for the general waiting areas to create a welcoming and uplifting environment. More neutral and calming tones are reserved for treatment rooms and chemotherapy wings.                   

Images of natural scenery are used throughout the centres with a local focus used for each one. Large scale wallpapers and canvases counteract the clinical environment and help to create a non- medical, less institutional feel.

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